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Taking time to yourself makes you more productive.

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

I wanted to share something with you that not only helps keep me on track productivity wise but has also made a big impact in my martial arts classes that I teach.

At the beginning of each class I tell students that we have 10 minutes to talk about our day or whatever was on our mind as we swing our arms.

Arm swinging is a very simple Ki Gong exercise and one of the things it helps to do is to regulate our rhythm.

So the students get to let off some steam that may have been piling up throughout the day while at the same time doing a very basic exercise to help regulate their body and mind.

I have seen a huge improvement in the flow of the class since I started doing that. The students are more focused when we get to training. There are less interruptions in the flow of the lesson. And everyone seems to be more engaged in the class than they were before I started this practice.

This is what Ki Gong does for me. It’s time for myself. And taking time for yourself will allow you to better focus on other tasks.

Through Ki Gong practice I allow myself time to just breathe and be with my thoughts in the moment. While I practice my mind and body reach a harmony. Then throughout the day I can better focus on the rest of my tasks.

Distraction is our brain’s way of telling us we might need to slow down a little and just breathe.

There’s an old Zen proverb that says “If you don’t have the time to meditate for 20 minutes a day then you should meditate for an hour. “ To put it another way, if you’re too busy to have time for yourself then you should take more time for yourself.

If using Ki Gong as a way to take some time for yourself sound interesting to you check out my Ki Gong Basics course

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