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Good moods spread like wildfire

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

I wanted to share something I noticed while I was attending a martial arts clinic this past weekend.

Everyone there was in a pretty good mood. And you might be thinking “duh , they were at a clinic doing something they love.” But some of them have injuries, some are getting up there in age , and some had worries from home. Those people stood out like a sore thumb. But when I watched as they interacted with someone that was in a good mood, their mood started to sway into a better mood as well.

I’m sure you’ve encountered this type of thing in your life. How many times have you walked into the office and someone is already having a crap day or does something around or to you that sends your mood in that direction as well. Or on the other hand you’ve had a bad morning but someone in a really good mood sparks something in you to brighten you up as well.

Now I want you to think about something else. We can do things to improve our mood and therefore choose what kind of mood we will present. I’m not saying it's always easy but it's always possible.

I also want you to think about how much different your interactions with your environment feel when you’re in a good mood versus bad. And also , how many times when you’re in a good mood you start to attract other people of the same. Like attracts like. I don’t know about you but I’d much rather be around people in good and even great moods than someone having a bad day. You get to choose that by starting with yourself first.

Ki Gong puts you in a good mood. It allows you to slow down , remember your breath and enjoy the present moment. It clears your mind.

It’s amazing how much different the world looks when you’re in a really great mood. Especially when you’re the one who created it for yourself.

If Ki Gong sounds interesting to you I have a very easy to follow Ki Gong Basics course. It’s only $37 and it’s yours forever. So to say it a better way you’d have this very simple to follow thing that can help to put you in a good mood for any day you choose. And I know personally if I could choose to be in a good mood every day. I absolutely would.

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