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5 Reasons couples who kick together stick together.

5 reasons why couples who kick together stick together.

1.) Quality time together

You’re both busy between work, daily chores, kids, ect. Martial arts classes meet for a set time several days a week, which will provide a set schedule for the two of you to be together. You’ll have a set time for the two of you to look forward to spending time together.

2.) Bonding over a shared interest

You’ll both be learning a new thing but people in the same class at the same time can still formulate different takeaways from the lesson. After class the two of you can share what you got out of that evening’s class. And the time spent together doesn’t have to be confined to class time. You’ll always have a training partner when practicing between classes.

3.) Extra motivation to workout

Everyone has times when they need that extra little push to get out the door. Just seeing that your partner is getting ready to head to class can be that little bit extra. Having them give you a “verbal nudge” helps also. Whatever extra motivation you need at the time can be provided by your partner. And it doesn’t also have to be the same person. Some days one of you will be more motivated than the other and it might switch from time to time. But as a team you’ll be able to keep your momentum going.

4.) Better results in achieving your goal

The martial arts has many short term and long term goals to be achieved while on your journey. Achieving goals both big and small definitely make you feel better about yourself. When you train with your partner you have someone that will consistently push you to do better. Healthy competition can help you achieve the next level.

5.) You’ll create unforgettable memories together

As mentioned above, there are many goals to be achieved. A student of the martial arts will be challenged by several rank tests and if they desire, tournaments. Everyone one of these events can be a wonderful memory. Frank and Steph, for example, started training at the same time. They’ve worked they’re way up the ranks through the years and achieved the rank of black belt. The couple has also competed in a few tournaments, including a world championship, which gave them the opportunity to meet many other people that also shared their interest and love for the martial arts. All of these things have been accomplished by themselves as individuals but they experienced it together. And it’s those experiences that will live with them for a lifetime.

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