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1st Quarter Summary of Martial Arts Events at Jae Nam Training Academy (Jan-Mar)

Our students returned back to the studio ready to get back to training on the 2nd of January after a week long holiday break. In addition to our life altering core martial arts curriculum, Jae Nam is offering a number of additional seminars this year that tie in their core skills to more advanced concepts. The first seminar held this year was a basic sword skills seminar. Participants of this session learned that many of the movements they make with open hands can be applied to this precise weapon. 

Then in February members of our studio as well as some of our friends from Elite Martial Arts gathered to test the power, speed , and focus of some of their techniques at our breaking seminar. Board breaking is an attestation that skill gained through focused training can lead to power you didn’t realize you had. This activity takes confidence in your training to commit enough energy to break through the board. 

March at Jae Nam was extra exciting. Several students successfully passed their assessment test and were promoted to their next rank.

Our own student, Rumi, received word he has passed his written exam for black belt making him eligible for his physical test on April 6th in Oxford , PA. 

Finally Master Acri had the honor of presenting his Ax Seminar at the US Master’s clinic held in Alabama. This was Master Acri’s first time making a presentation at this clinic hosting 100’s of international 4th degree black belts and higher.

Or if your are unable to make it to the studio check out our Online Ax course.

Our studio is always accepting new members looking to enrich their lives through training in the martial arts. If you are interested in beginning your journey, sign up for our 5 weeks for $85 trial. You’ll have the opportunity to experience 5 weeks of group lessons and a 30 minute private lesson in an included uniform. We've got much more planned to help our members develop their best selves as the year progresses. Check out the studio to see what training with us can do for you.

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