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Fun times were had learning something new!

This past weekend a small group of students took the opportunity to attend a staff workshop at the studio. There was a mix of ages and skill levels but everyone went home with a bit of new information.

The staff, or 'bong' in Korean is one of the first weapons a student learns. There are many ways to familiarize with this weapon. In most cases a student will start to learn how to use the staff at brown belt by drilling basic movements and spins. They would also learn their first weapons form at this stage.

The focus of this weekend's workshop was a little different, however. Students who attended the seminar were presented with a number of partner drills to help them even better familiarize themselves with the staff. The studio was filled with the sound of wood against wood as they practiced each new technique. Some of the things they learned were practical and some were a little "theatrical" but all of them were fun.

staff partner drill
Finishing with a head strike!

Staff partner drill with added finishing move
Block and Kick!

Staff partner drill using kicks
Throwing that side kick before going in for the spear!

Staff against staff partner drill
Blocking against a spear strike!

Staff partner drills
Spear strike finish!

Staff workshop participants
Session 1 group shot

Staff workshop participants
Session 2 group shot

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