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Did you know we had a YouTube Channel?

Jae Nam Training Academy has had a YouTube channel for a number of years. It's very simply named Jae Nam Training Academy - TangSooDo - Kingston, PA. We share videos that highlight our offerings of the Korean martial art, Tang Soo Do, and Ki Gong (QiGong in Chinese).

It's a great place to see what we're working on there in the studio. You can try one of the routines in the privacy of your own home before making the leap to try it out in studio.

We have playlists that will take you to specific things that we teach like; Tang Soo Do, Ki Gong, Weapons, Staff specifically and so on.

The last few updates have been video tutorial on a quick staff routine, how to hold for a speed break and dish circulation exercise.

Definitely check it out if you're into martial arts, meditation and working towards developing your best self.

We're always looking for more ideas so if you have any feel free to leave a comment on what you might like to see.

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