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Confidence building is a process

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Parents will enroll their child in activities for a number of reasons. Martial arts classes are no different. One of the main reasons parents will list for wanting their child in a martial arts program is because they lack confidence. This quality isn’t something that will be fixed overnight. You have to help them to realize the small victories that they are achieving that add up to larger ones. The student must also be shown that an obstacle or failure isn’t the end of the world and that it can be a good thing.

One student that sticks out in my mind as a confidence success story is Wren. When Wren first came to Jae Nam Training Academy she was very shy. She had a desire to learn the martial arts but also dealt with the fear of trying something new and meeting new people. Wren would also get visibly frustrated with herself when corrected. You could tell she beat herself up at every mistake she made. Over time she started to realize that corrections weren’t a personal attack because every time she made an incremental improvement it was celebrated. When it came time for her first belt test she was able to confidently demonstrate all the skills necessary, which in itself was a huge accomplishment for her. Then came time to break her board and she smashed it! Nothing makes you feel more confident than shattering a board using energy you’ve generated.

Here’s what Wren’s mom had to say:

"Hi Master Nick. I just wanted to say thank you for all you do for the students. I have not been able to come observe for quite some time and I was so glad I was able to attend last night’s class. I was reflecting on Wren’s time and training with you and cannot believe her growth. Her confidence and self-esteem and has really improved as well. She is slower to become frustrated and give up.

Thank you again. You are really appreciated by our family!"

-Miriam Bakewell

Wren continued through the years meeting challenges and working up through the ranks. There are times when you can see that her confidence may have taken a dip but with a quick reminder of past achievements she’s back on track. Wren is now a black belt candidate and is preparing herself for that next big step. She’ll continue to meet challenges and will certainly need reminders of how far she’s come to keep her on track but she’s got the instructors and fellow students in her corner.

You see confidence doesn’t just magically appear because you’re doing a certain activity. It’s a constant process of inspecting your achievements. Having an activity like martial arts can definitely provide a vehicle for that process and the instructors and students at Jae Nam Training Academy will be in your corner every step of the way.

If you’re interested in beginning your process click below to enroll in our trial program.

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