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14 Attitude requirements to achieve any goal

Everyone has goals in life and like many goals they can seem like a big undertaking at first. But, if you keep these 14 things in mind when working towards your goal you’ll be able to stay on track!

1.) Define your purpose.

Why do you want to achieve this goal? How will accomplishing it help you? In martial arts training our purpose is to enhance mental and physical betterment. Everytime we train the intention is to get better either mentally , physically , or both. That’s a pretty great thing to want to work towards! What big things will your goal do for you?

2,) Serious approach.

If you’re going to accomplish something big that you’ve set your sights on you need to be ready to work on it. A half hearted effort will not get you anywhere. And if for some reason you are making strides while “goofing off” maybe your sights haven’t been set high enough. Dream big, you’re capable of great things so get down to business!

3.) All out effort.

As stated above, you’re not going to accomplish your goal with half hearted effort so when you’re working towards your goal be sure to put all of your energy into it. Are you completely focused while you’re working? Are you paying attention to all the little details? Ask yourself these questions during your designated work time.

4.) Maintain regular and constant practice.

Stay true to the course. Consistency will be key while working towards your goal.

5.) Practice the basics all the time.

Most goals require basic skills, which are the foundation of anything great. And to have a strong foundation. You’ll have to keep those baseline skills sharp.

6.) Regularly spaced practice sessions.

As stated above, consistency is key. Set up a schedule for yourself that allows for time to reflect on what you worked on in a previous session. Once you have a schedule set up you can get yourself in the proper frame of mind before each session for maximum benefit.

7.) Find a mentor.

Chances are someone has done it before you. Find someone that is willing to offer guidance when you need it so you can stay on track. In the martial arts we have instructors and senior students that are always willing to help others succeed.

8.) Do not be overly ambitious.

Big goals are great to have but they always have smaller steps. Always be sure to have those small steps laid out and completed before moving to the next stage. All those little things will add up in the long run and you’ll be so pleased with how far you’ve come.

9.) Frequently inspect your own achievements.

Always focus on the “wins”. There'll be plenty of failures and that’s okay. In fact, it's part of the process and you're working hard towards your goal. Take time to look how much you’ve accomplished and how close you’re getting to achieving that big goal you had in mind.

10.) Always follow a routine schedule.

Set up a schedule for yourself. If you’re in the habit of always working on your goal at the same time each day it will be easier to keep moving forward. Plus scheduling your day makes it easier to make bigger decisions because it's one less thing to think about. Your mind can focus on the bigger tasks at hand.

11.) Repeatedly practice what has been already learned.

Repetition is the key to mastery. Just because you learn something new doesn’t mean that you should forget about the previous skills you’ve acquired. These previous skills will surely help you in the future.

12.) When you learn a new skill, learn the “why”

You’ve defined your purpose in the first step. Each new skill should relate to that purpose. Ask yourself, How will this new skill apply to my goal?” Plus learning the “why” makes it easier to remember the “how”.

13.) When you begin to feel idle, try to overcome this.

It’s bound to happen, you’re going to get to a point where you feel like you’re going nowhere. First, it's normal so don’t beat yourself up about it. Second, go back to requirement 9 for inspiration and rejuvenation. Finally, remember your purpose for working on this goal, it will drive you to push through.

14.) Keep yourself and your surroundings clean.

In order to stay focused you’ll need an organized workspace. Keep the space you designate to do your work clean and orderly.

There you have it. If you keep these attitudes in mind when you set your sights on a new goal you’ll be unstoppable!

We're always working hard to teach our students that they can develop their best selves through martial arts practice.

If you'd like to learn more about how we help our students achieve their goals here are Jae Nam Training Academy send us a message and we'll be happy set you up with a trial lesson.

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