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Our ultimate goal is to help individuals develop their best selves. 

Jae Nam Training Academy

Karate Practice in the Field

At Jae Nam Training Academy we strive to help individuals become the best versions of themselves. We do this by offering the best Tang Soo Do and Ki Gong instruction within a community of instructors and students that are both welcoming and encouraging. Our students learn that they can accomplish any goal through discipline and hard work. They know that growth is a process and learn to approach challenges with confidence. Our students are active in the community because they are excited to share the skills they have gained through training.

What We Do

Jae Nam Training Academy strives to help people reach their full potential and develop the best version of themselves as defined by them. We teach the Korean martial art, Tang Soo Do, as well as the healing and longevity art of Ki Gong. Our students acquire and strengthen the tools they need to become confident individuals. They take these lessons outside the studio and apply them to all aspects of their lives. Jae Nam Training Academy and its members are continually contributing to the community they belong to and inspiring others to achieve their goals as well. 

Our Vision

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