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About the Instructor

Master Nicholas M. Acri (4th Dan) holds a 4th degree black belt and master rank with the World Tang Soo Do Association. He is an internationally certified instructor and tournament judge with over 20 years of Tang Soo Do experience. Master Acri's is located in the Wilkes Barre/Kingston area of Northeast Pennsylvania. Master Acri has trained all over the east coast with many qualified martial artists including masters of the World Tang Soo Do Association. Master Acri’s favorite areas of training are practicing hyungs and self- defense.

Our Mission

Our mission at Jan Nam is to produce capable and qualified marital artists. We believe martial arts can be beneficial for practitioners of any age.  Whether your purpose is to improve your physical/mental health, self-defense or sport, all students are held to a high standard to ensure you are receiving the maximum benefit. Master Acri is determined to help you succeed and achieve your martial art goals.

About Us

Tang Soo Do is focused on self-defense, traditional open hand/weapon forms and striking techniques that originate from ancient Korea. The primary focus of Tang Soo Do is striking with a secondary focus on joint lock submissions and takedowns. 

Students who train under Master Acri will train in a group environment with other students of their age group. This will ensure you are training properly with an age appropriate partner. During class, Master Acri watches each student closely. He offers personalized attention to each student.

Private Tang Soo Do classes are available upon request*

All students practice martial arts for their own purpose. No matter what your purpose is, students who train at Jae Nam will benefit from the physical and mental growth one can only obtain through martial arts, respect for others and themselves, as well as guidance on setting and achieving their goals.

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